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Updated MFE Check-Out and Delivery of Student Belongings Procedures

Updated MFE Check-Out and Delivery of Student Belongings Procedures

Updated MFE Check-Out Procedures 

Frequent early dismissals from school impede students' chances for academic success and disturb a healthy academic environment for others. 

Several rules must be observed for the sake of safety when checking out a student. 

The check-out procedures are as follows:

All check-outs must be processed in person through the front office.

No check-outs are permitted after 3:30pm.

Students will not be allowed to check out without a current emergency card on file.

No child may leave school except with a parent or an individual designated on the emergency card.

Anyone checking out a student must present a valid picture identification (driver's license).

Parents are to report to the front office and notify staff of student(s) requested to check-out.

Office staff will notify teachers of those checking out so they may begin to walk to the office.

Office staff will pull the student's emergency card and go to the front doors to check identification. 

Once identification has been verified, individuals waiting for the student to be escorted out may choose to wait near the benches located outside of the front doors or in their vehicles in the front drive. 

Once the student has arrived to the front office, an office staff member will escort them to the door or vehicle and physically hand off the student. 

Updated MFE Delivery of Student Belongings Procedures

Frequent interruptions into classrooms cause disturbances to the academic environment. In order to reduce the number of interruptions in our classrooms, we ask that you follow the procedures below when delivering a student's belongings to school:

Notify the office staff that you have items to drop off. 

Label the items with the student's name and teacher using the available office supplies.

Leave item on the table by the front doors. 

An office staff member will go out shortly to retrieve the item.

An office staff member will then notify the teacher to send the student up at their earliest convenience.